Welcome to the ISSEP 2014 Website

Information technology surrounds us and from very early ages onwards, children are using it regularly. But in many countries Informatics Education is not yet part of compulsory curricula in schools.

The International Conference on Informatics in Schools: Situation, Evolution and Perspectives – ISSEP – is a forum for researchers and practitioners in the area of Informatics education, in both primary and secondary schools. It provides an opportunity for educators to reflect upon the goals and objectives of this subject, its curricula and various teaching/learning paradigms and topics, possible connections to everyday life and various ways of establishing Informatics Education in schools. This conference also has an interest in teaching/learning materials, various forms of assessment, traditional and innovative educational research designs, Informatics’ contribution to the preparation of individuals for the 21st century, motivating competitions, and projects and activities supporting informatics education in schools.

The ISSEP series started in 2005 in Klagenfurt, with following meetings held in Vilnius (2006), Torun (2008), Zürich (2010), Bratislava (2011) and Oldenburg (2013). The 7th ISSEP conference will be jointly hosted by Ankara University and Istanbul University in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference language is English.

This conference is supported by “TUBITAK (The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey) 2223- B Support Program for Scientific Activities with applied number of 1929B021401286″(http://www.tubitak.gov.tr/sites/default/files/2223b-2014-3.pdf)