ISSEP 2014 – Informatics in Schools: Situation, Evolution and Perspectives – has an ambition to be the leading scientific forum to support Informatics education as a compulsory part of general education – in different forms and at different stages of school, i.e. in primary and secondary education, in pre-service and in-service education of Informatics teachers, as well as in many supporting activities with clear links to Informatics.

Note: Computer Science education at university level is also a topic of this conference, but only to the extent that it relates to teachers’ formation and continuous education.

The conference focusses on educational goals and objectives of Informatics as a subject in primary, secondary and vocational education and their different realization in compulsory and voluntary courses. In order to reach such educational goals, papers addressing the following issues will be very much welcomed:

Main topics:

  • Sustainable Education in Informatics for all children
  • Connecting Informatics lessons to the students’ everyday lives
  • Teacher education in Informatics
  • Research on Informatics in schools (empirical / qualitative / quantitative / theory building / research methods / comparative studies / transferability of methods and results from other disciplines)


  • National curricula and approaches to practice and establishment of Informatics in schools
  • Informatics topics in schools beyond programming and algorithms
  • Technical education in Informatics courses and vice versa
  • Students’ perceptions of Informatics issues in everyday life
  • Exams in Informatics and measuring Informatics competencies
  • Motivating children and teachers on Informatics
  • Learning Informatics outside the classroom: Research on and the benefits of courses, events, project weeks at universities or companies, contests, etc.
  • We also plan panel discussions, workshops and a doctoral consortium. Contributions to the conference may also relate to them.

Panel discussion topics:

  • The contribution of Informatics to a solid general education
  • Informatics education requirements for different disciplines


  • Informatics curricula for primary and secondary schools
  • Research on Informatics / Computer Science in Secondary Education
  • Teacher training for informatics education